Pet Policy

We do our best to ensure that the pet information listed per property on the site is accurate, but we cannot guarantee it is the latest information.  Please confirm the pet policy for your property before signing the lease.

Pet Policy:

  • PETS ARE ONLY ALLOWED IN CERTAIN PROPERTIES MANAGED BY OWEN MEREDITH & SONS, INC. Please call the office to be certain of your property’s pet policy
  • If the property manager agrees to a pet in your individual unit, you must pay a $250.00 NON-REFUNDABLE PET FEE. Only the property manager, with approval from the owner of the leased property, can determine if a pet will be allowed in a particular property.
  • If a pet is allowed on property, a pet lease is required.
  • Breed restrictions will apply on ALL Owen Meredith & Sons properties.
    In the event an unauthorized pet is found on the premises (inside or out) of a property, for ANY REASON, you agree to pay an increased rent rate $100.00 per month for any given part of the month and a non-refundable pet fine of $1,000.00 (this applies to each pet found in the unit). This fine is to be paid in cash. Payment of this fine in no way gives you permission to keep the pet on the premises. The tenant agrees to pay for any damages arising from pet(s) being on said premises. Tenant understands and agrees that $1,000.00 cash fine will not be used to pay for any damages caused by the pet(s).